Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ice Cream Times

J came to me with two dollars and said,
"Mom, this is for You and Me to go get some Ice Cream!"
And so We did.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Football and Bikes

C and I spent a Chilly Saturday afternoon
Riding Bikes to his school and Playing Catch.

One of our Favorite things to do Together
is to toss his Football.

I've never thrown a Football around,
as much as I have as a Mom to all Boys,
and they were pretty patient with me
way back in the beginning-
as I learned how to coordinate 
these ol' eyes and hands
 to figure out how to 
catch and throw.

But now? 
My Pig Skin tossing Skillz are Mad.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

Lovey Day Things:
Breakfast by Candlelight

Sugar in the Form of Hearts

And Valentine Boxes
An iPad for the 5th grade Boy, 
a KC Chief's Stadium, made by the 9yr Old Boy.
[Fancy, I know]

It was really a Wonderful day.
I got to help in the my 4th grader's class for his Valentines Party,
Gave my kids "Heart Attacks",
and surprised them with little Love things all day.
Spouse and I decided to keep things on the cheap this year,
so after we got the kids settled,
We picked up take-out from our favorite fancy restaurant,
lit candles everywhere,
got a stock of movies,
and locked ourselves in our room 
for the rest of the night. 
Probably one of the best Valentines Dates, I've ever had! 
I Loved showing my Love to the ones I Love!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


December - February
Our C was Hooping it Up with his Team! 
{And He Loved It!}

Saturday, January 25, 2014

{Happy Birthday!}

The Birthday Boy at our House
was Treated to Sweet Rolls in Bed,
and a Sweet Start to his Collection
of Rival College Football Helmets! 

And for Dinner?
He requested that I make 
Homemade Pizza-
Using his Mom's Recipe.
And as We ate the whole Blessed thing,
it brought back lots of yummy memories and flavors,
and Our Birthday Boy was Satisfied.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Love Birds

I had the privilege of hosting a Bridal Shower for our Niece.
She Loves Nature and Simplicity,
so I wanted to incorporate those things in her Bridal Shower.

{Love Birds Bridal Shower}

My plan was to keep things Elegant 
yet Rustic and Simple.
Everywhere you looked there was
Paper Chains and Puffy Crepe Paper Balls,
Burlap and Candles,
Glass and Sparkly things,
Chalkboards with Lovey Quotes, 
and Pine Cones and Yummy Food.

I really wanted it to be a celebration of 
their Love for each other
and of the Love that I have for my niece.
I was totally thrilled to get to do this for her!

On a side note,
the Groom's Grandparents were there,
and I can't get over how nice
and complimentary they were!
They totally made my day,
and made me feel like quite the hero! 
They were awesome!
One week later,
We were so Happy to be present as they Promised
to Love Each Other for Eternity.

This is the first wedding in our T Family,
Since WE tied the knot!
So it was very Special to our Family.

The week of her wedding,
I found this picture 
(the Top Picture)
and wanted to re-create it.
The top Picture is our niece 
looking at us on our wedding day,
and the bottom one is our three boys,
looking at her,
15 1/2 years later,
on her Wedding Day.

Wow, they grow up!
And we hope our Boys 
make good Choices and follow the Example
 of their Cousin and her Groom!

All the Wedding Events that day were 
Lovely and very Touching to us.

And can we just say
that wedding receptions these days 
are so full of cute and clever and fun ideas?!

Some of my favorite ideas from their January festivities:
Handing out Hand Warmers in cutesy bags when we were outside,
a Hot Chocolate Bar,
a Fresh Fruit Crepe Bar (in addition to Dinner),
Making Paper Airplanes and sending the Happy Couple off,
in a Pearl white 1936 Cadillac Fleetwood,
Snow Globes and Candles everywhere,
a Photo Booth Guest Book!
{Our Photo Booth Fun}

Like an Old Married Person,
I couldn't help but think
"They THINK they Love each Other now,
but Wait, 
It gets even Better!"

Friday, January 17, 2014

All Aboard!

We Boarded a Train,
and took a Little Journey

We played cards
and even napped a little.
Once at our destination,
We toured a Train Museum,
an Antique Car Display 
and got Dinner,
before Boarding the Train 
and heading back Home.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow Day

We spent a Snowy Day with Friends doing Snowy Day things:

And when We got too tired and cold for 
anymore snowball fights and sledding, and snow angels,
We gobbled down Burgers and Fries Galore!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The Tradition at our House,
is to Greet the Birthday Person
with Cinnamon Rolls and Birthday Greetings,
first thing in the Morning!
Christmas Morning
is always started with 
Sweet Rolls and Birthday Wishes for the Baby Jesus

its on to 

and Hugs, and Smiles, and Surprises, Oh-My!

We kind of LOVE Christmas at our house,
so we move at quite the Snail's Pace
through the presents-
admiring and opening and assembling gifts,
stopping for nourishment,
or potty breaks,
or whatever along the way.
We usually don't finish opening presents till the afternoon.
We figure, 
We wait the whole year for this day,
why rush through it,
and get it over with as quickly as possible?
We try to make it last as looong as We can,
and WE LOVE it that Way! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Christmas Eve Things:
We always begin Christmas Eve
with our Traditional
Christmas Eve Family Breakfast!
-Which I have no Pics of-
but if I did,
they would be pics of the 
Whole T Gang
Enjoying Eggs and Pancakes,
and all Excitedly Jabbering away about 
Christmasy Things!

At Home,
I kept Excited Christmas Eve-ers
Busy with painting Ornaments,
and Baking and Decorating Cookies

{One of the Crowd apparently thought 
decorating cookies t'was better done sans shirt}

We spent the early evening 
playing some new board games with the kids,
and then got together with the T Family,
for Christmas Eve Feasting, Gift Exchanging,
 and a game of Basketball.

Then back home
to hang our Stockings with Care,
set out carefully written Love Notes and Treats,
and to jump in bed with Visions of Sugar Plums!