Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Things

We always start Christmas Eve Morning 
Going out to Breakfast with the T Family,
then we run last minute errands,
and spend the rest of the day
Making Cookies,
Watching Christmas movies,
wrapping presents,
making food for the next day,
and generally trying to keep 
the crazy Christmas Eve EXCITEMENT under control!

We spent the evening
gobbling down more yummy food with the T Family,
doing a Family Gift Exchange,
and Playing Games.

We got home just in time to hang stockings,
put out cookies for Santa,
and crawl into bed!

[and to all a Good Night]

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

From Our Family

To Yours.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Operation: Bring Christmas

My sister in law C is always so good
at finding Service Projects for our Family
to participate in for Christmas!
This year,
she was able to get a family
for us to Bring Christmas to.
She has such a good, sharing heart
and was very touched by the little details
that were made available to us about the family.
We got a list of things they needed and wanted,
and divided to conquer the 
Shopping and Wish Granting.

The Sunday before Christmas,
We all got together to wrap the Goods!
The next night,
we loaded up TWO car loads 
of gifts and groceries
and went to deliver them.
We carried in armloads of gifts 
and put them under a Christmas Present-less tree.
And with lots of "Merry Christmas!"s and "God Bless You"s,
we exited with tears in our eyes.
Bless that Family.

 Then we went to see some lights!
Gotta Love when neighbors ban together to 
make Light Spectators happy! 

Monday, December 15, 2014


{Important Mailbox Business}

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Merry Christmas Reunion

In the past year,
all my sisters and their families
have moved much closer to each other,
so, we decided to get together one weekend
before Christmas and have a Merry Christmas Reunion!

Our Festive Weekend Looked Like this:
Operation: Fill the Bag
We made sack lunches and filled them with goodies
and took them to the homeless. 
They were gone in a Flash
to very Thankful people.

We made cutout snowflakes
and went to a little nursing home,
and sang songs 
and shared our snowflakes with the residents.
They must have been really desperate from some
Christmas Entertainment,
because they then escorted us to a different
wing of the care home,
and asked us to sing again.
We did, gladly.
We All sang- Grandma, Grandpa,
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins-
all of us,
from the oldest to the youngest.
Which is good,
because sometimes
I had such a lump in my throat,
I couldn't get any words out,
and as I looked at the faces of my sisters,
and saw tears running down their cheeks,
I knew they felt the same way.
Our group was far from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir,
but to see the faces of the residents as we sang to them
and as they loved seeing the kids,
and how grateful they were,
it was just so touching.
One Senior Lady,
started singing with us,
and lead us in parts of singing we hadn't 
practiced, but we followed right along, 
without missing a beat!-
(That was probably the funniest and best part ever!)
They encored us,
and we finished with a most rousing version
of Jingle Bells!
Truly Tears in everyone's eyes at the end of that!
Probably the BEST Part of the whole weekend, right there.

When we got back to the house,
We had a Cousins Gift Exchange, 

Cookie Decorating

 And Later in the Evening,
a trip to Temple Square to see the Lights

To finish the day,
We had a Christmas Buffet
that we all worked to put together,
and filled the whole kitchen with 
Festive Food Galore!

And as the kids all settled in to sleep,
Grandma told Christmas stories,
and stories from her Family History.

It was a Wonderful, Wonderful Weekend!
Definitely a Tradition to start Rolling! 
We LOVED having Everyone here!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Once There was a Snowman

That time the Kids made Dad 
into a Snowman

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


We spent the evening
watching Disney's 
"A Christmas Carol"
and wrapping presents for the Cousins.

Dinner is Served

6th Grader had to Prepare a 3 item meal for his family for school, 
type a cookbook to go with it,
document our experience eating it,
and take pictures.

He told me he didn't want 
any healthy suggestions, or substitutions from Me.

So I let him 
pick what he wanted
make me a grocery list.

After school,
he spent 2 hours cheerfully making dinner,
with mild supervision from Me.
Here's what he came up with.
An Italian Sub Sandwich
His own Sunrise Smoothie Creation
Chocolate Chip Cookies.

It all tasted Great!
And we said lots of Wonderful things
to help him to accurately document 
our eating pleasure! 

Maybe he should cook dinner every night?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa's Got a Brand New Bag


Spent an Evening with the C Family and the B Family
Making Lunches, Filling the Bag, Feeding the Homeless.
Always Worth It.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kick Off to Christmas!

We had our 4th Annual
"Kick Off to Christmas!"
A weekend were We spend the time
Christmas Shopping,
Seeing Movies,
Eating Garbage! 

Christmas, Here We Come!