Monday, February 16, 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015


You know what was GREAT about Valentine's Day this Year?
That it was on a Saturday!- Which meant a whole weekend Of Love-y things!

On Friday I had a candle-light breakfast
for the kids before they left for school
-with heart healthy pancakes and fruit!

These are the Valentines we made for the boys' classes

middle child worried that the girls 
would think he was asking them on a date,
but much to his relief,
he said not one girl got the wrong idea!

I helped in the first-grader's class for his class party
later that night,
we went to a Valentine's Dance hosted by our friends!

there was a live band, lots of yummy food,
and we got to dance our legs off!
I'm married to such a fun Valentine 
with Awesome Dance moves!

Come Saturday,
the actual Day of Valentines,
I had to reattach my legs from dancing them off,
and get out the door for a VDay run-
(truly, it was only because I'm training for a marathon)

but when I got home,
I had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me,
and my running app gave me the chocolate heart badge! 

 The evening portion of the day was so wonderful!
Husband dropped my off at my sister's house,
and her and I got fancy-shamancy,
and then when our Valentines came to pick us up,
they brought us back to our house 
where they had the most WONDERFUL
Dining experience set up for us!
They had hung lights everywhere in the dining room,
pulled out the fancy china dishes,
and had cooked up a Delicious and well planned dinner!
They had the kids all well behaved and each played a part
serving us and answering our every beckon call!
They had made drinks, appetizers, and salad, and
grilled salmon and steak and veggies,
and for dessert they had made fondue,
and cakes and cookies and fruit to dip.

Truly, we agreed that this experience was more Special
to us than going out to dinner somewhere.
That they had planned and cooked and co-ordinated,
and been so thoughtful- was something to really Love.
It was relaxing, it was completely enjoyable,
and it spoke heaps of LOVE.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Date Night

Went to the Temple,
then tried a new little cafe,
that had sandwiches,
and then they had a huge 
vinyl record collection to browse through,
and then when you found a record you loved,
you could play it on the record player! 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Extras

To keep our Winter exciting,
We engaged the kids in some extra-curricular activities:
an Art & Drawing class for some,
 and Basketball for another.

Its rewarding for them and us
to see them use and grow 
their minds and talents!

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Perfect 40!

Someone at our house had a BIG Birthday!

To Celebrate this Big Day,
We had Breakfast in Bed,

And had Family over for a Birthday Party-ing Bash!
The Kids made posters for Dad to hang all over,
and we took as many pics as we could
of the Birthday Boy's life 
and taped them up EVERYWHERE!
We played some games to Celebrate the Birthday Boy
and ate his favorite treats.
One thing we did,
was I had a 
"One Word to Describe Jar"
and Everyone put a word on a slip of paper
that they would use to describe the Birthday Boy
and put it in the jar.
Then we read them out loud,
and I taped them to a card,
for him to save for ever.
The MOST used word to describe
our Birthday Guest of Honor?

"Energetic" nails it.

We Love this Man in Our LIVES!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Party of Five

Spent this Saturday night
partying with the members of the Exclusive Club:
"Our Family".
7yr old J made signs,
We ordered pizza,
had a dance party with disco lights,
played "Truth or Truth"
(those kids got some good stuff out of us!),
played games till we couldn't think straight!

Real Party Animals, 
round' these parts.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year!
Our 4th Annual Happy New Year's Eve 
Family Party!
[Insert sound of crashing cymbals and confetti canyons]

Let the New Year Begin!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


The Christmas Morning tradition at our house
is to have sweet rolls and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Then its time to see what Santa brought:

 This year as Christmas approached,
I was surprised to find each of the kids
secretly working on homemade Christmas presents
for one another, and Mom and Dad.
Brothers making things for brothers,
Kids making things for Mom & Dad,
and wrapping them, 
and placing them under the Christmas tree.
They were SIMPLE things,
things made out of paper:
a "running shirt" and "piano" with hearts coming out of it,
and a hat and for Mom.
KC Chiefs bracelets made 
or finding something shiny for a Brother.
Making Dad "tickets" to see his favorite teams,
or making him a set of KC Chiefs football cards.
And it was those gifts that were opened first-
because the Givers couldn't wait much longer to Give
their Gifts of Thoughtfulness, Love, and Creativity!
After we opened the gifts that the kids 
had made for each other and us,
We looked at each other and said,
We would be perfectly happy if that's all there was-
just a bunch of Love, and Hugs, and Happy Tears going 'round.

Christmas "Morning" at our house,
is an all day event.
We open presents, 
we play the new games,
we do whatever we feel will make the moment last.
We take it as slow as possible,
and often don't finish opening gifts
until after noon.
We figure,
THESE are the moments and the Times,
that We live our lives for-
Christmas with our kids around us,
opening presents.
Some day we will miss these days,
and we'll be glad we got to soak them in!
{Love Christmas with this Gang}

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Things

We always start Christmas Eve Morning 
Going out to Breakfast with the T Family,
then we run last minute errands,
and spend the rest of the day
Making Cookies,
Watching Christmas movies,
wrapping presents,
making food for the next day,
and generally trying to keep 
the crazy Christmas Eve EXCITEMENT under control!

We spent the evening
gobbling down more yummy food with the T Family,
doing a Family Gift Exchange,
and Playing Games.

We got home just in time to hang stockings,
put out cookies for Santa,
and crawl into bed!

[and to all a Good Night]

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

From Our Family

To Yours.