Monday, February 2, 2009

Something to Smile About

Tonight for Family Home Evening we were trying to teach the boys about the Plan of Salvation. As we moved from room to room, explaining the different parts about the Plan of Salvation, we also kept trying to help them remember 4 basic things we need to do to return to Heavenly Father: Baptism, receive the Holy Ghost, Repent and have Faith. The boys were actually in not quite the sober mood that we (as the old and wise and prudent parents that we are) thought they should be.
As we were finishing up and eating our treats, we were reviewing with them the lesson.
Father says, " What are the 4 things we need to do to return to Heavenly Father?"
they guess all of them except the last one. Father gives them a hint, "Starts with FFFFFFFF"
Our 4 year old says, "Oh, Yah, and FUN!"
Not quite the "faith" we were looking for, yet still something, where the somber parents looked at each other and smiled and realized, that yes, we are supposed to have some fun and joy in this life, and sometimes it takes looking at our kids to
re-remember that.
The other night we were trying to get some things organized and put away at Ryan's office. It was late and we were tired and so were the kids, which for that reason, they seemed to have bounds of energy and springs on their feet.
They apparently found some Styrofoam and decided to shred it into small, static clingy balls of snow.
Our oldest son walks into the office and he has some "snow" on him. We immediately realize what has happened and start to get after him about making messes and going and getting it cleaned up, and while we were thus scolding, our next child comes in, even more covered in the little clingy balls, followed closely by the youngest who is covered from head to toe with the little balls clinging to the ends of his hair, his eye lashes, EVERYWHERE- allllllllll over him.
To which my husband and I cannot hold back the giggles and we all burst out laughing and the scolding goes out the window.
My husband is really good at reminding me that in those types of situations
1) We probably did the same things when we were kids
2) If we didn't, we probably sure wanted to.
(That one I always have to agree with)
Yes, C, Life is not meant to just be endured, but for fun, too.
Thanks for bringing smiles to our faces!
We love you boys.


Jamie said...

Thanks for always sharing your little family "moments". I enjoy reading about them. I really need to add some of my own!! Seems like with me, there is never any laughing at the end...guess I need to remidy that one

JoMama said...

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow