Monday, March 2, 2009


Have you ever read Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton?
Its a favorite at our house. Though we don't own the book, we've checked it out several times and we DO have it memorized.
There is a line in the book that goes like this:
"...and use your breakfast as confetti!"
Truthfully something that I always thought sounded like oodles of fun.
Then we lived it.
In Sunday School.
J grabbed his goodie bag of fruitloops and cheerios out of the diaper bag.
I could tell it was a wee bit open.
I tried to get it quickly from him.
He grabbed harder than I and there it went.
Or shall I say, there the contents of the bag went.
Like confetti.
Up, up, up.
Circles of all colors rained down on the first two rows.
Lots of suppressed laughter all around.
Lots of help cleaning it up.
Lots of, "Been there!"
Even as we were getting it rained in (see the pun),
I couldn't help but think about that line from that book, and I smiled.
The other night we were playing MarioKart.
Truth be told, I don't spend a lot of time playing video games. (shock, I know)
C: "Mom, you're terrible at this game."
Mom: "Gee, thanks, C"
The other day Ryan was cleaning some things up, and grabbed one in a sharp place
Dad: "Yikes! That was sharp!!"
C: after picking up another one, "Here Dad. Here is another YikerSharp, careful"
I was speaking to C the other day and called him Honey.
C: "Don't call me Honey, it freaks me out"
Mom: "Why?"
C: "Cause that's what you call Dad"
I was showing C a picture of his ultrasound when I was pregnant with him.
He said, "You had to be careful when you ate so the food didn't fall on me, huh."


JoMama said...

Don't call me honey either, ew.

Jamie said...

That's hillarious!!!

I love her books! My fave is pajama time.

Sarah said...

How funny! All of them. I'm laughing at that "freaks me out" one.

Loved the confettie sacrament snack. Yes, also "been there!"