Saturday, February 13, 2010

{LOVElies} Part II

For FHE We Each Recieved
An Envelope with 5 Hearts in it.
We Wrote Our Own Names on them,
and Our Mission Was to Get Rid of
Our Own Hearts by VALENTINES Day.
First, You Did a Service for
The Person, then You Left Your Heart.
It was Grand to
Find Lots of These LOVElies Laying Around:


Sarah said...

Very sweet idea...way to go putting a little service into the holiday of sweets and chocolates.

Sarah said...

Just wondering why you didn't get any hearts from Jason this year. Better get on that kid. :)

Jeralyn said...

Jason is going though a Rebellious Stage in His Life Right Now.

Grandma said...

You mean to say that there's more to Valentine Day than eating and eating and eating?