Sunday, April 25, 2010

The New Tenants

Have Been Busy Sprucing Up the Place-

Ur...I Mean- Grill.


I Could Use Some Extra Spending Ca$h.

[Went Out to Grill Our Sunday Dinner,]

[and Found It Already Occupied.]

Pardon, Me.


The Emmett's said...

What did you end up doing for dinner?? Wonder how they got all that in there.. Have a great spring :)

Sharron said...

LOL and I thought the wild life invaded us with a few nests here and there!

Jeralyn said...

We keep it closed and they've been flying up the vent in the back of the grill for some time apparently.
My husband was all for grilled birds, until we saw the eggs.
So we used a little gas grill we have instead.

KatrinaAZ said...

Oh my gosh! Those little birds must have worked so hard to get all that junk in there. How sweet is that. Those eggs look huge though. I'd be careful. They may be "hatching" a plan to take over the house. :) xoxox

Grandma said...

LOL Well, what can you expect? You make everyone feel so welcome at your home. We had a mommy robin trying to build over the walk-in door of the garage, she finally got discouraged by the foot traffic, then tried to build over the porch light. The automatic light must have discouraged her, like a bad motel room where the neon lights flash all night and keep you awake.