Sunday, April 10, 2011

UnSolicited Advice

On Potty Training

I Hear Parents ALL the Time

Talk about how HARD it is to

Potty Train.

For ME,

I Have Found it To be

-Dare I Say It?-


All Three Times.

{Our Newest Potty Going Guy}

I Have Found a Few Keys to My

Potty Training Happiness

that I Share Freely with ANYONE

1. WAIT - Wait, Wait, WAIT. All My Boys have been Dang Close to Being 3 yrs. Old, or Beyond the 3 yr. Mark. Something Magical Happens about that Age, and they "Get It". Their Bodies Are READY and they Can Tell When "Things" are Needing to Come Out. I KNOW, The Pressure from Everyone is Mounting As they Collectively Hold Their Breath and Ask "When Are YOU Going to Potty Train that Child?" But? THEY Aren't the Ones who have to clean up the messes, YOU are. Do Yourself a Favor- Wait.

2. Make that Switch to Underwear, and Stay There. I think it Becomes Quite Confusing to the Youngster when constantly changing between Pull-Ups and Underwears. I Muster Up My Courage and Just tell Myself that I Have to be willing to clean up messes, and go places, with a "Mess Clean Up Kit" handy in My Purse. I DO use a Pull-Up at Night- I Use a Specific Kind and by the time My Kids were DAY trained, they were Night Trained As Well. (If You want to know more about that- Lemme Know)

3. Use the Potty that is standard. I Don't use Potty Chairs or Anything, because chances are Most Likely that if we are at a store or a restaurant, they won't have potty chairs either, and I don't want anybody freaking out about using the REAL Toilet. We Use it from the Get Go.

4. Praise, Enthusiasm, Stickers and Prizes are a Potty Trainer's BEST Friend!

5. Never Punish, or Get Negative. Be Glad that Your Hands are Washable, and if You Can't Hack cleaning the Underwears One More Time- Throw It Out! It's Okay to give Yourself a Break!

My Experience with Potty Training

has Been Short Lived, each Time.

They're Ready for It,

They Understand It,

and, to be Honest, We've Enjoyed it!

[Watch. If I have another, they will be the hardest, stinker-est thing to Potty Train!]

If You Want to Know More Particulars about

My Potty Training

Give Me a Holler,

I'll Yak Yer Ear Off.

[Oh, and YOU are SOooo Welcome]


Sharron said...

You have some great ideas here. My daughter has pulled her hair out on this little issue.

I totally agree with not using pull-ups. what do they care if they can pull them down or not. they have that lining and so it doesn't bother some one to be wet.

I may refer her to your ideas and plan to make big old plastic pants so that her big boys can be put in cloth diapers at night (yes, still) so they will feel icky when they don't bother to get up to go. I am even willing to wash them myself to get them through this stage!

Michigan Roys said...

Fantastic advice! I actually do some of those same things so that made me feel warm and fuzzy! You should write a book because it would be a break through and so many people would thank you because of all the hype about starting when they are 2.

Grandma said...

Bravo! Bravo! now that you have spilled the beans about 3-year-olds the whole world will relax!

Jayme said...

I found that waiting until my son was 3 also really helped. (Granted, I wanted my sister to do it while I was deployed, but with work it didnt happen :) ) It took me less than a week to potty train, and it was the easiest ever!

heather said...

Hi! My almost 3 year old has no problem going #1 but will NOT go #2on the potty. He will hold it for days until I finally put a diaper on him for naptime or a long car ride or something. Should I just wait?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Jeralyn said...

@Heather, Good Grief, I am so sorry that it took me so long to get to this! Most often I save things in my emails so I remember to get to them, and sometimes they just get sucked under! How is the little guy doing? Did you get tired of waiting for a reply and figure everything out? If you still want my advice, I'd say: Keep at it! They can't hold it in forever. Make sure you're giving them lots of fiber and water so his stools are soft and don't hurt coming out. That is one thing that may be making him not want to do it- because it hurts. I wouldn't switch to diapers, for the big BM, that may be counter productive to what you're wanting to accomplish. Maybe buy let him pick out a great prize at the store (sometimes those 5 pack matchbox cars can seem like gold to a youngster!) and set where he can see it, and remind him that they are his when he goes #2 in the potty. Make it a fun, exciting time and make sure his stools are soft enough to avoid pain and he may think he's the king of the world when he's done! That's my two cents! Hang in there!