Monday, July 25, 2011

School Shopping Extravaganza

{1st Annual}
We Have Decided on a New Tradition.
Growing Up,
We Each Recall that Back to School Shopping was
Something Special & Exciting.
Because We Have Year Round School,
and Our Summer Break is 3 WEEKS,
I Usually Squeeze it in at Random Times During the Break-
Nothing Spectacular to Write Home 'Bout.

But this Year,

We Decided on a Change.

We Got a Hotel,

4 Miles from Home

[We Could See our Neighborhood Out the Window!]

and Close to Shopping.

The First Evening We Spent

Getting New Back Packs & Threads.

Then We Enjoyed Dinner

Outside on a Patio at a Close-by Grill,

Enjoying the Live Band,

and Cool Summer Evening.

Back at the Hotel,

We Went Swimming,

and Stayed Up Late Watching a Movie.

The Next Morning,

We Had More Swimming,

and then Headed Out

For MORE Shopping,

{New Shoes and Fun in the Dressing Room!}

We Hit Up the New Cars 2 Movie,

and More Dinner,

Before Heading for Home.

It was Fun to Give the Boys

such a

School Shopping Treat!

We Loved it!


Leigha said...

That's way cool!!! I love little J's face in the next to last picture!!! ;]

Sarah said...

What a great idea! I love that you stayed in a hotel so close to home--awesome.

And that float is AMAZING by the way! Sheesh! What CAN'T you do?!

Jamie said...

Fun fun! I'm so jealous of your kids. I wanna be your kid too

Grandma said...

Way to go! School shopping is fun, but you have raised it to a new all time high!