Saturday, November 6, 2010

Brick Back Splash

Edit: Please note that the date of this post was in 2010.
We sold this house in 2013,
and have since moved to a different home.

{A Little Sneak Peak at}
{What's Been Going Down}
{in My Kitchen}
This is How We Did it:
First We Took "Chicken Wire",
Got it at Lowe's,
in the Tile Section.
[CAREFUL It's Sharp!]
Cut it to fit where You Want it,
with Wire Cutters,
Using Staple Gun,
Staple to Wall.
Then I Used "Thin Set"
Over in the Tile Section, as Well,
Mixed it up,
and Smeared It On,
Not Perfectly,
and Not Super Thick.
Let It Dry
for Approximately 16-24 Hrs.
Using THIN CUT Brick,
Brick that has been cut to 1/2 Thickness,
Got it at a Brickyard Store,
and Mix Up Some Mortar,
I Find the Consistancy
of Peanut Butter is Good- Keep it Pretty Wet,
Make a Mound of Mortar on Your Brick,
and Stick Those Babies On.
Keep in check that Your Keeping Things Straight Across.
I use Strips of Foam Board for My "Spacers".
Let Everything Dry.
We usually wait about 24 Hours,
then Remove the Spacers
You can get a Giant "Frosting Bag"
from a Brick place or Hardware Place,
and Mix up some More Mortar,
and You Squeeze it in between
all those bricks and Smooth it Out,
I Find My Finger Tips Work Best,
But it also Wears the Skin Right Off,
and Drys Them Out Something Horrid.
[Just so You Know].
And There You have It,
Your Own Brick Back Splash!


JoMama said...


OneLittleMom said...

Oh my goodness...I just found this from glad I did! LOVE did an amazing job!


Sarah said...

Okay I just found you at pinterest because I have been wanting to do this for my backsplash too!! Love it! How much was the cost and what is the name of the thin brick you used? Please e-mail me and let me know! I am your newest follower.

Brown said...

I think this looks great. I was planning a brick wall in my kitchen too, but I was going to use some kit from a brick company - so far, has this chicken wire been strong enough to hold the brick?

Hollie said...

How did you go around the outlets?

Ang @ Taking a Sunday Drive said...

I found this on Pinterest, thanks for sharing! My husband and I are going to attempt to do this in our basement bar area!

Temple Fit Club said...

Love this!! Want to do this in my own kitchen as I am mid-reno, have no contractor and no backsplash! Can you post or share pics showing the new brick backsplash with your cabinets in the pic? And maybe any other appliances, countertops, etc.? Just trying to get an overall look for this and visualize it in my own kitchen. Wonderful job, though. Looks amazing! Thanks for posting!

Temple Fit Club said...

I should have looked around a bit before posting. I did find "after" pics from your whole kitchen remodel. Amazesauce!!! Do you happen to have any shots, though, taken of your brick backsplash with the oak finish cabinets before you painted them white? Ultimately, I want white cabinets too. But tackling a whole kitchen DIY project as a single mom solo will take some time! Curious to see how the brick looks next to the oak. Again...Amazing job!! Very inspiring and making me feel like maybe I CAN do this. Hmmmm.

Jeralyn said...

@Temple Fit Club, Sorry, I don't have any pic of the brick with the oak cupboards. I had already started my cupboards when I did the brick. I figured my kitchen was a reck already, why not do them then? Glad you found some of the other pics/posts you were looking for! Good Luck to You!

Wendy said...

I love this! I am getting ready to do my own kitchen and your kitchen is almost exactly what I've been wanting to do! Just wasn't sure how to go about it.....till now! LOVE it!

SMP33 said...

Hi I have the same brick as my back splash! However, to save time you can totally skip the chicken wire!!!!! We just used a thin set and thats all it took. Our bricks have been up for over 3 years!!

courtnied said...

Hi! I love your brick backsplash and have been inspired to do one in my kitchen...bought the bricks today! I do have a question...did you seal them? If so, what kind of sealer did you use? I don't want to change the look of the brick, but I don't want nasty stains on them either.

Jeralyn said...

@courtnied, I did not use a sealer. I thought I would, but I didnt end up doing it. Honestly, I haven't missed it.

Laurie497 said...

Was your wall painted or did it have laminate on it? Looks great!