Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kitchen Cupboard MakeOver Part II

Edit: Please note that the date on this post was in 2010.
We sold this home in 2013,
and have since moved to a different home.
Look all you want,
and Thank You for all the nice comments,
but know that the details are getting fuzzy in my head!

{Just a Sneak Peak}
Here's How You Can do It, Too!
Using a Sander and Course Sand Paper,
I Sanded all the Places I Planned to Paint.
Since I wasn't going to Be Actually Painting
the Center Panel, I Skipped Sanding That Part.
I Sanded with All My Might
to Get as much of the Shiny finish I could Off,
Then I Wiped it Down with a Wet Paper Towel,
to Remove the Sanding Dust.
Then I Primed it,
"Contractors Bonding Primer",
I Got at Lowes.
I Primed each Piece
3 Times.
Until the Yellow Stain from the Cupboards,
Stopped Showing Through.
I was Using White Paint,
and I Wanted to Ensure,
I didn't Have any old Yellow Stain
Showing Through and Making
My White
a White-Ish!
Then Husband Cut Bead Board
and I Glued It Into the Centers,
Using a Glue for Paneling and Wainscoting,
That I Got at Lowes.
I Used Clamps or Heavy Cans
to apply pressure while it dried
Over Night.

Then I Caulked around the Edges,
Where there was a crack between the
edge of the Beadboard and the Cupboard
Not Knowing much about Caulking,
I Learned that Using a Wet Finger Tip
Works Wonderfully.
After the Caulk was Dry
Over Night,
I Gave the Whole Thing
2 Coats of Paint.
I Used
Swiss Coffee in Semi Gloss by Valspar
and a Foam Roller Brush-
Leaves a Smooth Finish
and Has an End
that Can Get in Cracks Super Good!
Then, Using My Tinted Glaze,
by Valspar in Fired Earth,
I VEEEERY Carefully
Went Along all Edges,
and Added Detail where I Wanted it.
You CAN put the Glaze (Antique) on the Whole Thing,
But it WILL Give the Whole Thing a Dark Coat.
I Wanted to Have a WHITE Look,
that Had "Worn/Old" Places.
I used a Foam Paint Brush to Apply,
and a Wet Paper Towel on My Finger tip
to Take off the Excess.
Then a Clear Coat of Semi-Gloss
Poly Acrylic.
There was Lots of Steps and
"Waiting for Things to Dry" Time.
This Took Me 2 Months,
as it was Always the First Thing I Wanted to Work on,
But Usually the Last Thing I'd Get to in a Day.
I Wasn't even Sure if the Idea of
Putting the BeadBoard IN them Would Work,
[And I Had Several People Tell Me It Wouldn't].
But it Did.
This is just a Quick Peak of the Kitchen,
Just have to get the Floor in,
and then I'll show the whole
Kit'n Kaboodle!


JoMama said...


Michigan Roys said...

Yet again you are amazing! I love the bead board!

Amy said...

This is what I dream about doing to our kitchen. I'll live vicariously through you until I can do something about it.

P.s. I recall from an email way back in the day you painting your base boards. Were they the same color as your kitchen cabinets? Did you paint them white? If so, do you mind sharing your technique.

Love your work. Can't wait to see the complete makeover.

Jeralyn said...

Amy,the easiest Way I've Done My Trim has been to tape along the top, and along the bottom- push that carpet way down! I've also been repainting it as we've taken the baseboards off to do the floor, but that's a lot more trickier if you're JUST wanting to paint the baseboards.
I use an angled Paint Brush and a Semi-Gloss in ULTRA WHITE. You Dont even have to have it mixed, they sell it just like that. oh, And I primed them the first time.
Did I Hit all Your Questions? Let me know if I didn't.

Thanks You Guys, For Your nice Comments and Being my cheerlearders!

Sarah said...

Ok, that's it. I'm sending your name in to some sort of Home Makeover show. I'm SERIOUSLY wondering how you can re-do an entire kitchen, and I can barely get my laundry done.
I love you! I love your talents! I love the kitchen! Wow!!!

Sharron said...

Love everything you are doing to your kitchen, and getting it done . . . I am really impressed! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Deva said...

I know this is an older post, but I just found this post through Pinterest. I also wanted to add bead board to my cabinet doors and to the sides of my upper cupboards. I love what you have done with your kitchen! Thanks for the tutorials and mutiple pictures. It is great!

Green Willow Pond said...

Fabulous makeover. I am currently redoing my kitchen. I had flat front cabinets with thick doors. I considered beadboard, but the doors were already heavy, so I went with beadboard wallpaper, and added trim to frame them.

I love the way you antiqued the edges. You are right about glaze darkening the white. I tried it and didn't like it. I think I'll try your technique.

Bre said...

I am in love with this! I HATE my cupboards! But the white will not go with my house. My house is all in the earth tones. Could I paint them really any color?

keith zorn said...

So funny to see this as we did the exact same headboard effect in a house we owned. The cabinets were very strong from the 50's, had lots of life in them yet. We added some trim to cover the edges of the beadboard. I love the old saying, paint will make it what it ain't!

msstitch said...

I would love to do that to mine, because I love bead board, but my cupboards have the middle panel standing out, not inside like yours! Any other ideas on what I can do with them?

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Jerelyn, I found you through pinterest. LOVE the white cabinet tutorial. It is exactly what I want to do with my laundry room cabinet! Then I found your black cabinet tute and some of your other posts! I got a cup of coffee and perused you blog learning so much. I am so inspired!!!!
I am a new follower and you are going right on my blogroll. What a great blog... and tag line you have!
So nice to spend time at Lemonade!
Yvonne @ StoneGable

nursekara said...

What floors did you get? They are beautiful!! We are looking for something like that! Thanks

Jeralyn said...

@nursekara- Thank You! My floors are Called Golden Nugget with French Bleed from Mannington.

CaysMom20 said...

We did this to our cabinets a while back, only we used bead board wall paper from lowes. It's textured and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Then we painted, the paint sealed the edges and small gaps around the paper so no need to caulk or cut the wood. Saves a lot of time.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

That's brilliant! What a clever way to use what you have and make it fab. I just found you on Pinterest, and can't wait to spend some time enjoying your pretty blog! Thanks for some wonderful inspiration.
Cheers, Andrea

Trica (Tree' - ka) said...

Wow! Love this! I've got a kitchen cabinet project coming up and I really like the bead board idea.

Tanya @ Lovely Greens said...

This makes me wish I had 80s kitchen cabinets to re-do!

Jenn's Paper Crafts said...

Did you sand over the white paint to get the worn look when you added the tinted glaze? Of did you just put the stain on right on top of the white paint along the edges of the cabinets?

Jeralyn said...

@ Jenn's Paper Crafts, No, I did not Distress the Cupboards this time around. I just put the Glaze right on top of the White paint, Where I Would have Sanded and Distressed it!

Jenn's Paper Crafts said...

Thanks Jeralyn :)

Haylee said...

OMG! Did you see into my head or something! First, and really spooky-ish, is that we have nearly identical kitchens. I don't have a peninsula. I have an island. Other than that we have the exact layout, down to where our windows are and pantry. Crazy. We also have the same cabinets. Second, I've wanted to put beadboard on my island and in my door as well. I figured I could attach it to the island fine, but didn't know if I could get it to look good in the doors. You have inspired me! :)

Indian Knoll Pumpkins said...

What did you use to cut the bead board?

Jeralyn said...

@Indian Knoll Pumpkins,- We used a Table Saw to Cut the Bead Board

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Beautiful. I really want to do this if I can muster the patience. Where did you find the door knobs and drawer pulls?

Jeralyn said...

@Karen, You can muster the Patience! You Can Bust it Out and get it all done Quick, or sometimes its okay to leave it alone for a Day or Two, It will Wait for You!! :)
I Got My Pulls and Knobs at My Local Lowes.
Good Luck!

Amy said...

I have been wanting to redomy kitchen for years now. 20 to be exact. My husband is a little (a lot) weary, but your blog has given him the confidence needed tolet me proceed. Thank you for posting.

Mz and Ez Allphin said...
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Mz and Ez Allphin said...

SORRY! I deleted my post! I knew if I looked long enough I'd find my answer; BUT what I DID want to say and didn't want to delete was...You have a BEAUTIFUL family!! I love the tradtions you've come up with; your boys are VERY lucky to have a mom like you!! Thanks for being such a great example to me, not only in designing and remodeling but most importantly family!

Becky said...

I LOVE THIS! We (fortunately) have white kitchen cabinets, but
80's oak built-ins in the open family room and oak fireplace mantle that I want white as well. I am SUCH a dunce at this stuff and want to do it right... starting with the least fun step. What grade sandpaper did you use to sand down? And did you use a sander or just muscle?

Jeralyn said...

@Becky,I believe I used 60 grit sandpaper- It was what I had on hand- on the cupboards. When I did my fireplace, I used Muscle.

@ Mz and Ez, Aw, Thank YOU for your kind words!

Dustin & Kait said...

I love what you did to the cabinets! I have been wanting to do mine as well, we have that 80's oak.

However my question is what did you do to the inside of them? Did you just paint the inside white as well?

Courtney Spears said...

Hi, thanks for including the paint colors I went to Lowe's today and searching for swiss coffee and thankfully the lowes guy knew is names and colors and knew that they changed the name from swiss coffee to sawyer white! #1108. I grabbed a sample JUST in case but it looks promising. :) Just wanted all to know

Jeralyn said...

@ Dustin & Kait, I painted the inside side of the doors, but other than that, I did nothing, because my cupboard insides were all ready white and looked grand to me.

@ Courtney Spears- Good Work on the Swiss Coffee change-a-roo, Thank You for letting us know!

ChristinaChristner said...

I have a light oak kitchen and stumbled on this site when i was on pinterest and i have to say i instantly fell IN LOVE!!! I am going to try it not sure if I will use the white or a little creamier but I really want the distressed look for my cabinets. I guess I am just scared to take the plunge and do it in fear of screw up! With your white cabinets you have now how easy is it to keep them clean?

erin said...

Has the polycrylic made the white paint yellow at all?

Jeralyn said...

@Christina- I wipe them as mess calls for, and so far, they clean lickety split.

@Erin- I was concerned about yellowing, too. I had seen white cupboards go Yellow. I Believe it was because PolyURETHANE was used, instead of PolyCRYLIC. PolyURETHANE is for stains, PolyCRYLIC is for Paint, is what I was told at the store, when I asked. Either that, or they didn't prime enough, so the old stain continues to show through.
I have had no trouble with Yellowing. I tried to take great measures against yellowing in Priming and using the PolyCryLIC.

Diane said...

I would love to see how you redid the drawers in the kitchen... I plan on doing a similar technique in my old kitchen.. Right now it has flat panel doors and drawers. I want to put a shakers style trim around them and either beadboard or if that is too heavey then beadboard 3-D wall paper in the center. Just not sure how to do the drawers... some of them are pretty narrow.

RNLori said...

You have inspired me! I'm in the middle of doing my cabinets currently caulking the bead board. What kind of caulk did you use? I am using silicone and am having a hard time getting it to lay smooth. I'm afraid I'm going to have to peel out what I've placed and try again:( Any tips??

Alicia said...

Wow! Looks wonderful! I saw this on pinterest and had to look to see how you did it! I am re-doing our kitchen cabinets soon! Thanks for the great in(pin)speration! =)

Jeralyn said...

@Diane, I didn't put beadboard on my drawers. I just painted them and put the drawer pulls on them. Sorry that took so long to answer you on!

@RNLori, I used "3006 Quick Dry, All Purpose Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk", in Lightening White. It says "Paintable in 30 Minutes, For Use on Windows, doors, trim, molding" I didn't have any trouble with it laying flat that I remember. I do remember that the more wet I got it, the easier it went as I worked it. i would use a wet finger tip and run my finger along the caulk. The wetter my finger was, the smoother the caulk got. I hope that helps!

Katie said...

I am also in the process of redoing my kitchen with your direction. I am most worried about giving it the antique look. I want to do it but afraid I will mess up all my hardwork. I'm pretty sick of not having doors on my cupboards and antsy to get them back up, but I am also so excited to see this new look done right. Thanks for the site or I would never have attempted this.

Rose.Rentals said...

Hi! I'm going to start painting my cabinets as well. I'm just wondering what color you used on the dark part for the bar area. Is it a blue or black?

Teri Glasz said...

I absolutely love what you have done. My cabinet fronts look very similar to your, however the sides and sides of my island I believe have a laminant. Do you just sand or apply the wainscoating to the laminant? If so, do you glue or nail?

Denise said...

Love love your amazing kitchen! I am wondering about your floors? What are they?

Krista Owens said...
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Krista Owens said...


I loved what you have done with your Kitchen. It has given me inspiration to do my own Kitchen. I wanted to know if after priming everything where the beadboard is not did you have trouble with the wood grain showing through? I was told that after several coats of primer it should not show. Is this a bad thing, or just a preference of taste. Thanks.

Jeralyn said...

@Rose.Rentals, the color on my island is Black, Its called "Kettle Black" by Valspar.
@Teri, We used small nails to nail the beadboard around the island. The end of my cupboards were not laminate, they were just more of the wood. I sanded and primed/painted them, but didn't put beadboard on the ends.
@Denise, the floor is laminate. Its called Golden Nugget by Mannington.
@Krista, I put several coats of primer and paint on, and if you look REE-Aaallly close, you CAN still see a wood grain. I say its a matter of personal taste. In the End, they're your cupboards, its your kitchen, do what pleases YOU!
@Katie, how did the antique-ing go?

Katie said...

The Lowe's near me said they have started discontinuing the glaze line and the color you used was gone. I ended up using a sander to lightly sand around the edges and then added a dark stain with a q-tip so it wouldn't ruin my pure white. I am in love with my new cupboards! Even my husband says it was a great idea, which means a lot coming from him who doesn't like change :)

Krista Owens said...

What store did you get the Ploy acrylic at? Are these water based products so they are not so toxic?

Krista Owens said...

Oh, sorry. I forgot to ask if you used a foam brush or brush when applying the finish?


Hutchens Family said...

@Katie- I went to Lowes today and got the glaze no problem. I found the color in their swatch area but it was a larger square. I also found the Swiss Coffee no problem. I am so excited I bought everything today... can't wait! Thanks for the inspiration!

Giving In Blogger said...

I ADORE your kitchen!! Found it through pinterest and am so excited to have some direction!! I've known for a while that I wanted to paint my cabinets, but haven't even known where to start, or what products to use. My kitchen is very similar to yours in size and style, and I'm wondering if you know how many cans of primer & paint it took to do it all? I want to price out the project before I start and also want to purchase all the supplies together, so I don't have to run to the store mid-project. Thanks so much for sharing your project! It is so encouraging and helpful to have someone's tips!

Jeralyn said...

@Krista, I got the Polyacrylic at Lowes. I prefer to use water based products, personally, but to each their own, I guess. Also, I used a foam brush for the finish.

Way to Go Katie! Glad the Husband liked them, too!

Thanks Hutchens Family for the Paint Info/Update!

@Giving in Blogger, I only used one can of the primer, and one can of the paint. I would be really bad at telling you about the other supplies. I believe I practically lived at Lowes for the time it took to do these! It only took one small can for the glaze, one small can for the polaycrylic, but paint brushes and caulk? I couldn't tell You! Sorry! But, Good Luck with your project!!

karen meador said...

Finally I know what I want to do for my kitchen cabinets! I love the island, is it really Black? It looks like a super dark chocolate, which is what I am hopeing for. Maybe it s the chelate glaze over the black.

Jeralyn said...

@Karen, Thank You! Yes, the island is really is black. With some distressing, which you probably can't really tell from the picture. But? Super Dark Chocolate would look great, too! AND Sounds Delicious! Good Luck!

Paula Plum said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration! I have had this idea in my head for several years but hubby said it wouldnt work. :-) However, thanks to your instructions, I have completed two bathrooms and my entire kitchen using a variation of your methods and they turned out magnificently!! now I am on to even more ideas!!!

Jeralyn said...

@Paula Plum- YAH! Way to Go! Sounds Like You have been BUSY! I'm Glad they've turned out Magnificently! You Did It!

Rae said...

So we have been trying to put the glaze around the edges but it is super slow. Could you give more detail about how you did it because your's look FANTASTIC!

Jeralyn said...

@Rae, Mine was a Super Slow Process, too! But, keep at it, You'll get it done! I put the glaze on with a foam brush along the edges, then with a slightly wet paper towel on my fingertip and running it along the edge, I would work the glaze to where I wanted it on the edge, Wiping away excess as I went. That probably isn't that helpful- but just take it one cupboard, one edge at a time! Good Luck!!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

This looks AMAZING!!

Michelle said...

This turned out fantastic!! You and I have the same basic oak cabinets, in the light color. I also have the same bronze knobs as you. :) I love the bead board added to the center. I will have to show this to my hubby. :)

designbytess said...

I am doing almost the same thing with mine - I had not considered adding beadboard.... The Hubby will have to approve it.

I get how you do the doors ((I'm in the process of doing it in my bathroom cabinets to make sure I like it before tackling the kitchen.)) But how do you do the side of the cabinets and the fronts? Not the doors? Did you just sand it down while it's still on the wall?

Some of my cabinets are cheaply made and have particle board ((I think, it's very thin, but not laminated)) instead of real I'm kind of hesitant about sanding it.

cherie said...
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cherie said...

Omgosh love your site. just found it and you are amazing. I will now finally get going on my 70's cupboards. One problem, my cupboards the the little decorative inset in the middle. I really really want to put the beadboard on them. Any suggestions?

ruzzel01 said...

Perfectly refurbished.

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o u r g r o w i n g f a m i l y . F o r H i s G l o r y said...

I have saved this link for over a year. We finally got phase one done this evening. Everything is white. Next up: knobs and edging. THANKS for your fabulous inspiration. I shared your link on Pinterest and Facebook! ;)

Jeralyn said...

@Ourgrowingfamily.., Yeah! Glad it turned out and you like it! Thanks for Sharing!

@designbytess, how did it turn out? I left everything on the wall, except the doors. So, yes, I sanded and painted them while on the wall (the doors I took off)

o u r g r o w i n g f a m i l y . F o r H i s G l o r y said...

Where did you find your knobs and pulls?


Jeralyn said...

@ourgrowingfamily, at Lowes :)

Kevin Porter said...


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Shelley Hill said...

Thanks for posting this!I followed your directions and with the help of my hubby, we added bead board and trim to our kitchen cabinets too. SO HAPPY! It looks so much better.

Tiger Football said...

Do you paint the polycrillic on all of the cabinets or just where you placed the glaze?

Tiger Football said...

Do you paint the polycrilic on all of the cabinets/painted areas or just where you've put the glaze?

Jeralyn said...

@Shelley- Yah! You did It! Now Enjoy!
@Tiger Football- I put the polyacrylic on everything- not just the doors, even the frames and all. It really has helped protect all my hard work, everytime I have to wipe the evidence of family life off of them.:)

Jennie said...

I would LOVE to do this in my kitchen. I have always hated the cabinets, ever since I moved in. How thick is the beadboard you used? Did it come in big 8x4' sheets, or smaller? Where did you buy it? Thanks so much!! Lovely job.

CountryMommy said...
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CountryMommy said...

I adore this idea. I bought a farm house built in 1930 and the cabinets were built into the walls so we can't replace them because new cabinets wouldn't fit so I plan on remodeling them. I love this country look and it is exactly what want to do. How did you do the drawers, did you use bead board for those too?

andrew stuart said...

I loved reading this piece! Well written! :)

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Kirby and Tara Farnsworth said...

These are beautiful!!
I am painting mine white, and filled the face of the cabinet doors with bead board wall paper (I cut corners!!)

I really want to add the antiqued look and distress mine as you did yours...but from your picture I dont see if you ONLY distressed the cabinet doors or did you also distress the edges of the frames and drawers?

I guess I could just start with the doors and see what I liked from there...but I would love to know how you did yours.

Thank you so much for taking the time to post so we all could benefit!!