Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks Day

Over the River and Through the Woods
to Grandmother's House We Go!

We spent Thanksgiving 
with My Folks and Family
back at My Ol' Homestead.
My Mom is always so Good 
at planning EVERYTHING!
{I admire Her Marvelous Energy!}
She not only plans the Feast,
but then she also always has 
Big Fun Plans
to keep the Kids Busy!
She had Thankful games,
and projects that kept them Happy All Morning!
Then after our FEASTING
She Pulled out her Traditional
Ginger Bread Houses
-One for Each Family-
and all the Trimmings
so Everyone could get their 
Gingerbread House Decorating on!

Another New-ish Tradition that we Lady-Folk
started last year-
Resurrected, actually, 
as it was Tradition in 
My Mom's Family Years Ago-
Is that of Making Homemade Chocolates!

We make centers
and then dip them
while We chatter away!

Another Good Memory:
We Celebrated My Mom's B-day while there.
the Grandkids presented her with a 
Fabulously decorated Brown Paper Bag.
Rocks from Her Yard,
Because They Sparkle in the Sunshine.
[She Loved it of Course!]

And We'll also have to
 file this Thanksgiving away
with the Puke-ies.
Everyone was always 
Chipper and Well during the days,
but come night-
Some Kid or Kids
Some Where,
was Puking.
Some Sleepy Parent was Cleaning it Up.

A few more Favorite Moments 
from the Holiday Weekend:

-Seeing My Sister's Near-Completed New House,
-Stopping for a Hayride under Christmas Lights,
with Hot Cocoa, on our way home.

Good Holiday and Family Memories! 
I LOVE it!

1 comment:

Grandma said...

I will always treasure the rocks that sparkle in the sun I received for my birthday in a fabulously decorated brown paper bag from all the grandchildren who searched so diligently all morning in the yard to find them. Love them!